About Us

Ensoteck- as an idea is a birth of curiosity and imagination. We are a marteck business consultant and our objective is to provide corporates 360 degrees customer lifecycle management solution. Ensoteck’s rapid opportunity identification, digital solutions repository and structured implementation process enables corporates to achieve their business objectives by optimizing 5 core areas.

Resource Optimization

One of the approaches for increasing profitability is resource optimization. But, if the resource optimization is not done strategically, may impact the output quality. Abhiyaan automation solutions bring better and more intelligent approach to cost containment and reduction. The greatest opportunity is to increase service to the customer (end user) while systematically reducing costs.


Our automation solutions help increasing productivity along with ensuring high standard on product quality along with output consistency. Once the job is scheduled, automation software executes commands precisely and in the structured sequence. This ensures elimination of operational errors & eventually gets more done in the same amount of time, greatly increasing productivity.



Elimination or minimizing human interventions minimizes possibilities of human errors as well as dependency. Our automation solutions ensure following all the described processes in the same order. Hence the output is as per the defined process.

Time management

Manual tasks take time. They have to be performed linearly by humans who are prone to errors and who are unable to consistently perform to the highest standards. Abiyaan automation solutions reduce the number of tasks handled manually. This frees up the time to work on items that add genuine value to the business, allowing corporates to be more innovative.


Forecasting job completion and being able to perform “what if” analyses of schedule changes benefits operations by removing much of the guesswork from daily tasks.


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